20.Sep .2021 14:30

Opening Of $30 MLN Hotel In Abastumani Delayed Until 2024

Opening Of $30 MLN Hotel In Abastumani Delayed Until 2024
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Construction of businessman Lasha Papashvili's Agobili Hotel was scheduled to be completed late in 2021, - company Redix told BM.GE in 2019.

Today, the company announces that the launch of a 140-room premium-class hotel "Agobili" worth USD 30 million is planned for 2024 in parallel with the opening of the resort.

Redix explains that at this stage the amount allocated by the "Partnership Fund" for the project is not spent yet.

“USD 6.5 million, allocated by the Partnership Fund, is not spent yet. We are going to use those financial resources in parallel with the renewal of the active phase of construction”, said the investor company.

According to them, up to 100 people will be employed there after the opening of the hotel.

As the company claims that "Agobili" will not create any problems for the scientific activities of the observatory.

"Representatives of the company" Redix "met with the administration of the observatory on their own initiative in early 2018. During the meeting, we introduced the current project to the representatives of Abastumani Observatory and discussed the technical details to ensure the smooth operation of the observatory. However, one of the topics of discussion was specific lighting. We note that the project provides a specific range of lighting that will not interfere with the observation of the stars and the work of the observatory. The author of the project of Hotel Agobili is Henning Larsen, a leading international architectural company, who studied the full specification on the spot, including the observatory, and designed the facility according to it," Redix said.