20.Mar .2023 18:00

Our Accessories Are Made With Exclusive Technology - NINUTSA

Our Accessories Are Made With Exclusive Technology - NINUTSA
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The Georgian accessories brand NINUTSA, which creates various jewelry from natural stones, minerals, river and ocean cultured pearls and natural leather, plans to open its own sales spaces.

Speaking about the future plans of the brand, its founder and designer Ninutsa Davlianidze told BM.GE that it is planned to reopen the stands closed during the pandemic. As she notes, the brand is working completely online and makes deliveries or offers customers takeaway service from their workshop.

According to her, Georgia is not the only market where NINUTSA accessories are sold.

"Our products are already presented in one of the famous salons in Brooklyn, New York. We also export our accessories to Azerbaijan, as well as other American states, and Russia. We also had orders from Ukraine. Of course, it is planned to increase export destinations", says Davlianidze.

The founder of NINUTSA explains that their jewelry is made with special technology and has no analogs in the world. She notes, they have a lot of orders, but little time to make them.

NINUTSA accessories are sold online and the price of jewelry starts from GEL 35 and reaches GEL 300.