14.Mar .2022 15:00

Over 200 Types of Medicines Imported From Turkey Will Be Available In A Month – Minister

Over 200 Types of Medicines Imported From Turkey Will Be Available In A Month – Minister
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Over 200 types of medicines imported from Turkey will be available in a month on the Georgian market, - Georgian Health Minister Zurab Azarashvili says in an interview with Imedi TV channel.

As the head of the institution explains, imports of high-quality medicines in Georgia is carried out in full compliance with all rules and legislation.

"Two large importers have been importing medicines from Turkey for several weeks and there are already more than 35 types of medicines in two large pharmacy chains. Also, there are about 50 applications for registration, which we register in an accelerated mode. I think over 200 types of medicines, imported from Turkey will be available in Georgia from the next month”, - Zurab Azarashvili says.

According to the Health Minister, strict quality control regulations are in force in Turkey and they meet the various requirements of both the GMP and EU countries.

"With the opening of this market, we see that the price of dozens of Turkish medicines has dropped significantly. Our opponents initially said that the medicines produced in Turkey were not of good quality. Be assured, this is not true.

I have been personally in Istanbul and visited two largest pharmaceutical companies, which medicines are imported in Georgia. I emphasize that medicines of very high quality and standards are produced. The document issued by them is quite credible, it is unlikely that there will be any problem behind it. Also, in the case of any imported medicine, as a rule, from June to the end of the year, we ask all importers to submit the GMP standard and certificate," – says the Minister of Health.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili announced last week general prices for medicines on the Georgian local market had been reduced by 60-80% following the import of medications from Turkey, adding products such as cardiovascular medications had decreased from 220 GEL to 48 GEL.