27.Jan .2023 16:00

Over A Million Georgians Don’t Reside In Russia – Economist

Over A Million Georgians Don’t Reside In Russia – Economist
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"Over a million Georgians don’t reside in Russia," Economist Soso Berikashvili told BMG noting that certain forces are specially manipulating the community.

"This is a lie, that over a million Georgians reside in Russia. This is manipulation. People are being lied to by something that is sensitive to them. It is not just about the number of Georgians. Unfortunately, Russia is our main economic partner, but we must understand that Russia is a threat," - says Soso Berikashvili.

Soso Berikashvili notes that flights between Russia and Georgia should not be restored. Moreover, the economist appeals to the government of Georgia to check migrants arriving from Russia.

"Georgian government should check who is entering the country and for what purpose. Lavrov and Gavrilov are talking about resuming flights. Will anyone say that Lavrov and Gavrilov are speaking based on the interests of Georgia? They have their own interests. Therefore, on the grounds that a million Georgians reside in Russia, flights should not be resumed", Soso Berikashvili says.