05.Nov .2020 11:00

Pandemic is not really favorable for business - USA2GEORGIA

Pandemic is not really favorable for business - USA2GEORGIA
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The shipping company USA2GEORGIA considers that the demand for safe - online shopping has increased amid pandemic, but this period is not favorable for business.

Salome Zakaidze, Marketing Communications Manager of the company told BM.GE, that the shipping companies faced many difficulties during this period.

“Demand has really increased - for safe shopping amid pandemic, but the growth is not significant. This period is not favorable for business, because transportation tariffs by the airlines are significantly increased. However, the price on transportation for our customers remains unchanged. Consequently, it is quite difficult for freight forwarding companies to overcome this common crisis.

However, our company tries to offer usual comfort to loyal customers by placing service centers in different cities in order to avoid the cost of internal transportation (regional courier service),” Salome Zakaidze said.

According to her, USA2GEORGIA has expanded its chain and added 2 branches outside Tbilisi - in Rustavi and Kutaisi.