22.Oct .2020 10:15

Park Hotel: “Domestic Travelers Compensated Volume, not Revenue”

Park Hotel: “Domestic Travelers Compensated Volume, not Revenue”
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Occupancy of Park Hotel Tsinandali stands at 50% for today, up from 41% as of summer of the current year. The number of local travelers shared 95% this year, relative to 80% of 2019. Meanwhile, due to its low-budget domestic segment do not manage to compensate foreign travelers.

“Like for everyone, 2020 was hard period for Park Hotel, though the hotel had quarantine groups from Mar-Jun and Aug, but the negative effect of pandemic badly affected planned activities as well, such as Tsinandali Festival, which was shortened this year,” Ilia Saganelidze, General Manager at Park Hotel Tsinandali, told BM.GE.

The 70-suite Park Hotel Tsinandali was opened by Silk Road Group in summer 2019. The project worth about USD 4 million.

In Saganelidze’s words, if measuring by volume, Park Hotel local travelers share was approximately 80% last year and it’s 95% current year, which means volume has been compensated, but not in regards to revenues, as local travelers are low-budgeted segment.

Recent growth of hotel occupancy of Park Hotel from 41% to 50% is due to increased demand for Kakheti region during fall and the newly opened swimming pool at the hotel.

In order to provide unforgettable stay in Tsinandali, the management of the Park Hotel, which is located near Al.Chavchavadze house-museum, offers various activities to its guests, from sport and extreme activities to music festivals and theatres.

“Our offers are customized as much as possible for local tourists, we are trying to be affordable and interesting for them at each visit with proper events. Of course, we follow the rules and regulations that government gave us”, Saganelidze told.