01.Nov .2020 13:30

Parliament Should Be the Unifier of the Country – Chirina

Parliament Should Be the Unifier of the Country – Chirina
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It will be my great wish for the Parliament we are electing now to unite Georgia’s people – this is what Revaz Vashakidze, Founder of Chirina told The Checkpoints while commenting on the agenda that the business community and citizens might have for the new parliament after the elections.
According to Vakhakidze, parliament should be the unifier of the country, and the Parliament, to him, that completed its work until now did not serve as the unifier of the country. “The big problem is that the country is divided into parts. There is much antagonism among the population of Georgia, and that’s why we are incapable of creating a functioning state – Vashakidze said - We often say that we have a problem with the occupied territories; however the major problem we have is with the population of Georgia, its division according to political affiliations. The clash is nasty and it will hopefully end”.