01.Mar .2021 10:00

Part of the restrictions to be eased from today

Part of the restrictions to be eased from today

Part of the COVID-related restrictions will be eased from today. The Inter-Agency Coordination Council took the relevant decision last week.

The following COVID-related restrictions will be lifted from today:

-Restaurants with indoor spaces will resume operating in Batumi (excluding the weekends);

-Private, as well as public kindergartens will be re-opened with the terms of mandatory testing 20% of employees once every 2 weeks;

-Higher and professional schools will be able to resume clinical, practical, laboratory activities and conduct examinations in-person, moreover the educational process will resume in the auditoriums from March 15;

-Museums and libraries will be re-opened;

-The following countries will be added to the list of countries whose citizens can enter the country through the air with a negative answer to the PSR test: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus.