01.Jul .2020 12:05

Pension increases by 30 GEL from today for people above 70 in Georgia

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Starting today, July 1, the pension of Georgian citizens above 70 years has increased by 30 GEL. Monthly pension now stands at 250 GEL.

In addition, retirees living in highland villages of Georgia will receive higher pensions amounted to 300 GEL.

Moreover, according to the government’s decision, from 2021, an increase in pensions for people less than 70 years old will be adjusted based upon the inflation rate, while an increase of pensions for people above 70 will be adjusted based on 80 % of economic growth as well as the inflation rate.

Officials pointed out that pensions of people less than 70 years old will increase by a minimum 20 GEL in a year, while for people above 70 years it will increase by a minimum of 25 GEL.