25.Jan .2022 19:00

Pension Savings Exceeded GEL 2 BLN

Pension Savings Exceeded GEL 2 BLN
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Assets of the Georgian Pension Agency reached GEL 2,046,000,000 as of today. The Agency accumulated GEL 2 billion within 2 years and 1 month after its launch.

GEL 2 billion includes the principal amount of pension savings accumulated by 1.2 million people and the interest accrued on it. The assets in the fund had an average yield of 11% late in 2021.

Now, the major share of pension savings is placed in the deposit certificates of Georgian commercial banks. The Georgian Pension Agency plans to invest in other securities, but the Agency has not made transactions in this direction yet. 100% of assets are denominated in GEL.