10.Mar .2021 10:00

Pet furniture worth of 22 MLN USD was exported in 2020 – Company

Pet furniture worth of 22 MLN USD was exported in 2020 – Company
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Davit Bardavelidze, the founder of the pet furniture manufacturing company "Georgian Products" declares, that the company has exported 22 million USD worth of products in 2020, and this year they plan to increase the figure to 35 million USD.
The products produced by the company "Georgian Products" are exported to EU countries and the USA.

“We were scared due to the pandemic, but the demand for pet furniture did not decrease. We had increase of 45% in 2020 and a growth of 120% was fixed in the first month of 2021. We cannot handle the orders”, - Davit Bardavelidze declares.
The founder of Georgian Products notes that the demand for luxury items has dwindled amid the global economic crisis of 2008, while people do not save on pet comforts right now.

“Supposedly work from home had an impact. The fact is that demand has increased. After the end of the pandemic, we will probably evaluate this factor better, but now the situation is like this," Bardavelidze said, adding that due to the increased demand for pet furniture, the company started construction of a new enterprise on the area of 7,000 sq.m. The company constantly expands the number of employees.

The new enterprise will open late April.

"Currently, Georgian Products employs 520 people. Last year we hired 160 new employees and we will add more," he said.
As for the prices of pet furniture, according to Davit Bardavelidze, transportation has become more expensive, but the products’ prices are not grown.

"We depend on the exchange rate of USD and EUR. In general, there is a tendency for price increase all over the world, but we try not to follow this trend, although shipment became so expensive that we will probably have to raise prices," he said.