13.Mar .2020 17:49

Plant Tsikara has been shut down for about a month on the background of Coronavirus

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Plant Tsikara, located in Lanchkhuti municipality, is shut down for about a month on the background of Coronavirus, - Sergo Imnadze, founder of cooperative Tsikara has declared BM.GE.

As Sergo Imnadze notes, the plant produces dairy products, namely Sulguni (cheese) and Nadugi (cottage cheese).

He explains that coronavirus effect is added to the difficult financial condition and demand for their products has declined dramatically during this period.

"We have temporarily suspended to work in connection with Coronavirus. We have financial problems and need assistance, otherwise we would close the plant," said Sergo Imnadze.

As the founder of the cooperative "Tsikara" explained, they consider assistance from the state or investors. As for the job renewal period, Sergo Imnadze expects to diminish the coronavirus effect and hopes that the plant will resume operating from April.

To note, the plant employees 5 people.