07.Oct .2020 15:30

PM: We Realize That Tourism Will Not Be Restored This Year, Don’t We?

PM: We Realize That Tourism Will Not Be Restored This Year, Don’t We?
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The Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia, answered journalists' questions after the end of the Interagency Council meeting and said that the restrictions imposed in Batumi will be lifted when the epidemiological indicators are reduced.

The Prime Minister emphasized the population's difficult social condition, which is caused by the imposition of restrictions.

"In the case of Batumi, as soon as we see that the epidemiologically relevant numbers will go down, we will remove these restrictions, this is our tactic. Of course, the one-week or two-week restrictions cause inconvenience to people and aggravate the social background. However, after all of this is done, we will continue the previously offered serious package of social assistance," - Gakharia said.

According to him, the government will also discuss measures to support the population and the tourism sector of Adjara.

"Does anyone doubt that all this is over? Not only Georgia, but the whole world is in the crises. We realize that tourism will not be restored this year, don't we? We will have to discuss how to help the tourism sector. We will also have to discuss how to help the socially vulnerable if jobs are not restored at an appropriate speed. If we impose more severe restrictions in Adjara and Batumi, which will have a direct impact on the incomes of people and families, of course, we will think about how to help them," - said the Prime Minister.