19.Oct .2020 17:30

Police Are Intensively Patrolling the Agrarian Markets

Police Are Intensively Patrolling the Agrarian Markets
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Employees of the Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and regional units monitor the implementation of the rules and recommendations against the spread of Covid19 carried out in markets on an intensive basis.

As bm.ge was informed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, law enforcers are intensively patrolling the agrarian markets in the capital and all big cities of Georgia and in the markets' territory to protect public order and safety.

"To protect the safety of citizens, police control the proper wearing of personal belongings by citizens at the entrances to markets and bazaars, as well as on the inner perimeter and in the shopping area. They monitor the rules in force to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on all citizens to observe the social distance, to wear a mask correctly, and to obey the instructions of the police," the ministry said in a statement.