23.Jul .2020 17:41

Poti FIZ has been appointed as an official representative of WORLD FREE ZONES ORGANIZATION in Georgia

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On July 23, the World Free Zone Organization (World FZO) held an online ceremony to appoint official representatives in various countries. From now on, Poti FIZ will be the official representative of World FZO in Georgia. For this purpose, an agreement was signed between World FZO and Poti FIZ at an online ceremony.

The World Free Zone Organization (FZO) is the largest and most influential international association of 1,700 entities around the world, representing the interests of free zones around the world. According to Dr Samir Hamrun, Executive Director of World FZO, "By appointing representatives in different countries, the organization expands its service space, provides problem-solving in the regional context, and shares experiences to address the challenges facing free economic zones."

“It is a great honour for Poti FIZ to be named as its official representative in Georgia by such an authoritative international organization. Strengthening cooperation with the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO) is an important lever to expand relations with investors and increase our position in the world market," - said David Ebralidze, General Director of Poti FIZ.

According to the General Director of Poti FIZ, the successful fight against the pandemic showed that all the conditions are created for the support and protection of investors in Georgia. From now on, Poti FIZ, as the official representative of World FZO in Georgia, will be responsible for the exchange of information, knowledge and experience with the World FZO and the enhancement of integration between the free zones of the world and Georgia.