16.Dec .2021 13:00

Preference Term For Land-Plot System Registration Extended

Preference Term For Land-Plot System Registration Extended
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"The National Agency for Public Registry, in view of the extension of the preferential term for the land plot system registration, shall within 3 years to successfully accomplish the land registration reform”, - the Deputy Justice Minister, Tornike Cheishvili stated at the sitting of the Legal Committee, where the Committee discussed with the II reading the Bill on Rule of System and Sporadic Registration of the Property Rights on the Land Plots and Improvement of the Cadastral Data.

As the reporter noted, providing that the NAPR continues the process with enlarged resources, the engagement of the municipalities in the registration process has been withdrawn from the agenda.

“Hence, the delegated authorities of the municipalities are been suspended with the system registration term. It is as well important that the existing statements now pending at a municipal level will be submitted to the NAPR to, within the system registration term, accomplish their proceeding, which is important for the satisfaction of the interests of our citizens”, - he stated.