14.Feb .2020 17:55

President of BAG: we are not concerned due to Congressmen’s letter

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“We are not concerned due to those letters”, - Soso Pkhakadze, head of Business Association of Georgia told BM.GE.

As Soso Pkhakadze noted, member businesses of the Association positively evaluate 2020 and they will continue to struggle in 2020 in order to develop members of the Association.

“While talking about the business environment, I should note that BAG will publish an index based on the inquiry of our member. According to it, 2019 was significantly positive compared to the previous year.

These letters do not concern us! We are such a large organization that we can handle the pulse of the country's economy and feel good about it and, frankly, research shows that 2019 is a very good year for business.

In 2020 we will do what we did in previous years, continue to fight and develop the companies that are in our association. Helping us to invest more and create jobs. Everyone should do their own job, ”the BAG president said.