10.Dec .2019 12:50

Presumably, medicine costs will be regulated by new legislation within a year


Supposedly, medicine prices will be regulated by the new legislation within a year.

“I think we will start working on the legislative initiative in the next year. This process is likely to take 6-9 months and within a year, new legislative initiativewill will be presented, which will regulate the market and make quality medicine more accessible to citizens.

Standard practice in relation to chronic diseases must be established on the basis of market research and then, we should agree to maintain that price in order to avoid unpredictable overpricing or shortages under the program, "the Deputy Minister noted.

As Gabunia says, price regulation is a complex issue and it would be inappropriate to raise the issue without a legislative initiative.

“Medicine law is standard and includes price-related regulations. Ultimately, it is impossible to predict what kind of legislation should be adopted. It must be widely discussed, because artificial and harsh interference in price regulation causes deficits, as well as inflow of low-quality medicines on the market, so all risks must be calculated and decisions must be taken then, ” he said.