04.Oct .2022 14:00

Price Per KG Trout Up By GEL 10 - Trout Farm

Price Per KG Trout Up By GEL 10 - Trout Farm
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Sopho Diasamidze, the founder of trout farm "Sopho's Kalmakhi", located in Zemo Adjara, told BM.GE that local trout price has increased due to the increased demand in the market. As she notes, the company has grown its price by 10 GEL on average.

"If in May the price of 1 kg of trout was GEL 15, in summer it mounted to GEL 25. If the production of trout in the country increases, the price will also stabilize," explained Sopo Diasamidze.

As she mentioned, the companies faced the summer season this year unprepared.

"We could not satisfy the demand. If the local production in the country is not organized, we will not be able to guarantee the results. A large number of tourists showed us that there is a shortage of local trout in the country. Everyone should feel their responsibility. The business must conduct the entrepreneurial process correctly, and I see the role of the state in the fact that we must have appropriate laboratories," said Diasamidze.