16.May .2022 14:00

Prices Are Up By 20-30% - Restaurant

Prices Are Up By 20-30% - Restaurant
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Restaurant service has increased by 20-30% in Batumi. As Irakli Tavartkiladze, the head of the restaurant "Veranda Ecropoli" has stated on "Business Morning", the reason for this is the increase in prices for local and imported products.

“Utility bills, as well as fuel, are increased in price. Consumers will meet price increase of 20-30% in our region and probably everywhere this year. The minimum price for Georgian products has been increased to 10-15%, as for the imported ones, prices for it have increased by 20-30%, sometimes up to 50%," Tavartkiladze said.

According to him, the shortage of staff remains a significant challenge in the restaurant sector.

"The challenge is to find waiters, cooks or technical staff, but their salaries have also increased a lot, they will meet the increased salary of 30-40% in the restaurant sector," Tavartkiladze said.