24.Jul .2021 19:00

Prime Minister Instructs Relevant Agencies to Carry Out Swift Measures for Expanding Access to Vaccines

Prime Minister Instructs Relevant Agencies to Carry Out Swift Measures for Expanding Access to Vaccines
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The process of immunization and the need to expand access to vaccines were discussed during today's meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council chaired by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili at the Government Administration.
The Head of Government instructed relevant agencies to carry out swift measures for maximally expanding access to vaccinesfor citizens, including in terms of geographic coverage.
To that end, it is planned to mobilize village outpatient clinics and set up vaccination centers in big cities' malls. A total of 2 million doses of 4 WHO-authorized types of vaccine are presently mobilized in the country, and it is crucial to accelerate the process of vaccination further, to prevent the country from facing rapid worsening and the need to reintroduce restrictions.

The Coordination Council discussed the epidemiological situation and the state of affairs in the hospital sector. As needed, the Health Ministry will continue mobilizing additional beds in the hospital sector. In addition, 4 new clinical hotels have engaged in the process of COVID management, and 9 others are expected to follow suit within the next few days.
The meeting emphasized that, although the daily statistics of infections in the country must be taken into account, the Government is in full control of the process.

The Interagency Coordination Council once again urges citizens to engage in the process of vaccination and comply with applicable regulations, including social distancing and facemask use indoors, on public transport, and outdoors in places of mass gatherings. On the Government's decree, such indoor social gatherings as wedding and funeral receptions, anniversary celebrations, and others remain banned.
In addition, on the Interagency Coordination Council's decision, Lebanon and Jordan have been added to the list of countries whose citizens and residents are allowed to cross Georgia's borders based on negative PCR results.
Since the first coronavirus case in Georgia, the country has seen 398,081 confirmed cases, with 370,565 recoveries and 5,656 deaths.
50 persons are presently under quarantine, 1,487 are in clinical hotels, and 4,780 are hospitalized under medical supervision.
The Parliament of Georgia led by Speaker Kakha Kuchava and the President's Administration are actively involved in the work of the Interagency Coordination Council chaired by the Prime Minister.