10.May .2019 00:20

"Private sector has shared interesting ideas that I believe can become part of legal framework,"- Bakhtadze

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"Our export is increasing at a record-high rate, however we all agree that it is not enough and we need more. We need more jobs" stated Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia at a meeting with members of the Business Association of Georgia (BAG) today.

Meeting was held in the format of a dialogue and focus was made on the current challenges faced by businesses. Entrepreneurs shared their ideas and suggestions with the Head of Government of Georgia.

In the opinion of the Prime Minister of Georgia, meeting was fruitful and discussions were concentrated around the legislative initiatives that should ensure a more rapid economic growth and aims to create more jobs in the country.

"Private sector has shared interesting suggestions and ideas with us, which will essentially become part of our legal framework in my understanding. We all agree that reforms and initiatives that are implemented today are a very significant step made forward to make sure that our economy becomes more competitive. Such growth rate will relate to every single citizen of Georgia. It is all aimed to create more jobs and employment opportunities. We also spoke about macroeconomic statistics. We have major advancement toward this end also" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Attention was made at the meeting on the reform in the education system, significance and engagement of the private sector in the successful implementation of the undertaking, especially towards vocational education.

"We have been cooperating with several companies in a rather productive manner and I am delighted that private sector has full readiness to make a greater contribution to the vocational education. Our goal is to invest 6% of our economy, i.e. quarter of the State Budget in the education system. In addition, expectation is that private sector will augment these investments with another 5%, which will result in the domination of the education sector within the national economy with its 11-12%" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of Government of Georgia held a meeting - second in a row - with corporate members of the Business Association of Georgia (BAG) at the Biltmore Hotel in Tbilisi and over 50 entrepreneurs were participating in it.

Source - Prime Minister's Press Office