02.Mar .2021 12:00

PSP Insurance: tariffs for medical services 10% -15% up

PSP Insurance: tariffs for medical services 10% -15% up
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The insurance sector is announcing a review of prices for health insurance policies.

According to Sopo Lebanidze, General Director of PSP Insurance, the cost of medical services increased by 10% -15% recently. The price rise is mainly due to the COVID reality. The exchange rate of GEL also affects the service of clinics. The GEL exchange rate is depreciated by 16% y-o-y.

"Medical service tariffs are increasing by 10% -15% in the recent period. The situation is changed on the medical market. Even delivery of emergency services was delayed then the situation stabilized, but in general, the behavior of providers, tariff grid, changes in service contracts became more active after the first wave of Covid.

On behalf of the clinics, there are also objective factors that contribute to the growth of medical services, even in terms of consumables.

You know that medical personnel is required to provide additional consumables amid COVID-19, which are mostly imported and tied to the dollar exchange rate. Even one specific factor affects the cost of services. This is especially noticeable for dental services and private ambulance services, because they have a separate outfit and it affects the costs,” said Sopho Lebanidze.

The fact that medical services have become more expensive is confirmed by official statistics. In the last year, prices in the healthcare group (9.7%) were almost 10% up, mostly prices were grown on medical products (14%), while the outpatient services increased by 11.9%.