20.Oct .2020 11:00

Public Defender calls on government to clarify rules of treatment at home


Nino Lomjaria, the Public Defender of Georgia calls on the government and relevant agencies to clarify rules of treatment of infected people at home.

According to Lomjaria, the rules of treatment of coronavirus at home are not clear to the population. Numerous infected people claim to be unable to receive medical care for days.

“Given the difficult situation, the Public Defender of Georgia calls on the Government of Georgia and relevant agencies to explain to the population as soon as possible: how to be treated at home in case a person is infected with Covid. More precisely, who and at what time is obliged to contact the patient; how and how often patients should be supervised by appropriate medical staff;

Which specific agency is overseeing this process so that patients can be informed of existing problems and receive timely assistance”, reads the statement of the Public Defender.