27.Mar .2023 10:00

"Chateau Ateni" Opened Cottages

"Chateau Ateni" Opened Cottages
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"Chateau Ateni" has opened cottages in the village of Ateni, Gori municipality. The Chateau will offer its guests to stay at the cottages along with the wine cellar.

According to Soso Vanishvili, the representative of Chateau Ateni, the construction has been going on for 6 months and in total, GEL 160,000 was spent along with the improvement of the yard.

"The cottage will accommodate 3 adults + two children or 4 adults. The Chateau offers breakfast, lunch and dinner on the site. We tried to make everything comfortable and we think it worked. We have big plans ahead, which will make the guests very happy", Soso Vanishvili said.

The history of "Chateau Ateni" begins in 2010. Soso Vanishvili planted his first vineyard 13 years ago and got the best harvest. In 2016, he already poured the first bottle of wine and opened a wine cellar in Ateni, where he offered tourists a tour of the vineyard. This includes a description of the wine production process, tasting, traditional Georgian cuisine and master classes. Currently, with all this, guests can stay on the spot. According to Soso Vanishvili, booking of newly opened cottages has already started.

"Chateau Ateni" was opened with the support of Enterprise Georgia.