21.Jun .2022 14:00

Banking Sector’s Profit Up

Banking Sector’s Profit Up
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Profits in the banking sector increased. The profit of commercial banks amounted to GEL 159.03 million in May. The increase is 45% compared to April, but the sector received GEL 21 million less profit compared to the same period last year.

The consolidated profit of the banking sector amounted to GEL 681.9 million in 5 months.

In January-May, the total income of banks was GEL 2.766 billion, of which GEL 581.9 million was received in May alone.

As for expenditures, the sector spent GEL 1.94 billion in 5 months, of which 385 million was spent in May.

Bank profits by months:

• January - GEL 212.69 million
• February - GEL 90.61 million
• March - GEL 110.18 million
• April - GEL 109.39 million
• May - GEL 159.03 million