13.May .2020 17:58

"Fortunately, we are not so connected with oil" - Georgian multimillionaire about the oil crisis


"We are not so connected with good oil yet," - Georgian businessman Davit Iakobashvili noted in an interview with Giorgi Isakadze in the format of Forbes Talk.

"We are basically focused on oil products. As you can see there is a supply, but everything is stopped at least 30%, if we talk about the aviation, everything is suspended. Containers are filled with oil. That's why you need to pay money to take it, rather than save it. You cannot pour it in the water ... ", - said Davit Iakobashvili.

Businessman says that business should recover from that condition, when aviation sector will resume to work.

“It depends when aviation should resume to work. China, as well as India and USA will start to work, but it continues through 1-2 years. We should have difficulties. Now any companies will go bankrupt on that basis”, Iakobashvili noted with Forbes Talk.