15.Apr .2021 16:00

"Georgian Wine Corporation" enters the Norwegian market

"Georgian Wine Corporation" enters the Norwegian market
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Georgian Wine Corporation has become a worthy representative of Georgian wine in the Scandinavian market, with the Norwegian state-owned company Vinmonopolet adding amber and red wine in pitchers to its list of spirits to be purchased in 2021.
"Vinmonopolet" announces a tender for alcoholic beverages to be purchased periodically, several times a year. The tender envisages the selection of the best wine for the Norwegian market. It should be noted that the Scandinavian market is one of the most difficult to penetrate markets with the strictest norms and requirements for product selection. Therefore, the evaluation of the wine in terms of its quality and taste, as well as branding is done within the tender. In the Norwegian (and some Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden and Finland) markets, the sale of alcoholic beverages is allowed only in the network owned by the company-monopolist.

"We are very pleased that Georgian Wine Corporation Saperavi, among more than 30 Georgian wine companies participating in the tender was selected from the three best Georgian wines, which emphasizes the high quality of the wine produced by our company. Georgian Wine Corporation has been exporting to a number of EU countries for years, but this is the first time our company's wine has been sold in the Norwegian market. Although Georgian wine is still present in modest quantities in this market, we are confident that in the future the interest will increase even more and Georgian wine will take a worthy place in the Scandinavian countries," said Dimitri Nozadze, founder of Georgian Wine Corporation.
Today, Georgian Wine Corporation exports wine to more than 15 countries, including EU countries such as Poland, France, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. From 2021, Norway has been added to the company's export markets.