10.Feb .2020 17:33

"Inflation Rate is Reduced Due to the National Bank Policy"


Inflation rate is reduced due to the policy of the National Bank of Georgia, - Giorgi Papava, consultant of PMCG has announced about it. According to him, the exchange rate will keep the current ate if there is no external and domestic shocks. Trend of price reduction should be continued.

“Despite the fact, that inflation rate is till high and significantly exceeds the targeted rate, we see that inflation rate has reduced, which is mostly due to the decisions adopted by the NBG in the resent period. It resulted, that inflation has not exceeded 7% in January. The exchange rate sustains at the current level, if there is no any external or domestic shock.

Supposedly, we should have downward trend and inflation pace should be reduced in the coming months. Which should be a joint effect of strengthening monetary policy rate and those tools, which were used by the NBG in the resent months”, Papava declared to BM.GE.