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Georgia Ranks 35th Globally by Government Integrity - PM

Georgia Ranks 35th Globally by Government Integrity - PM
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Georgia ranks 35th globally and advances within Top 20 of European nations by Government Integrity in 2022. It was announced by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting yesterday.

The Head of Government of Georgia also noted that according to the Index of Public Integrity (IPI) of the European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State Building (ERCAS), the country has been positioned second after Estonia in the post-soviet bloc.

"Updated IPI was published some time ago. It is a global overview carried out by a leading research institution and number one think-tank of the world, based in D.C. I refer to the Heritage Foundation and its surveys. Georgia ranks 35th by Government Integrity and has thus advanced within the Top 20 of Europe. Second source of the international rating system is ERCAS and its IPI, positioning Georgia 32nd in the world, second in the post-soviet bloc after Estonia. I wish to tell our fellow citizens - our people - that the performance of our government resulted in these indicators. I also wish to tell you for comparison purposes that in line with the referred indexes, Georgia is ahead of 14 NATO member states and 12 EU member states this year with its government integrity indicator. I can list several countries within this category: Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Check Republic, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and others, I will not list them all. For comparison, I wish to also tell you that in 2012, when the previous rule was telling the entire world and our people that we were number one state by reforms, performance resulted in different indicators as Georgia ranked 69th under this very index. No discussion was about the Top 20 back then. This is for comparison and information only, to once again remind our society" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

According to him, the second important success is the Global Peace Index of 2022, according to which Georgia ranks 2nd globally by the progress achieved in the last decade of peace.

"Second important success and victory of our state and recognition of the policies carried out by our government within the last decade is the Global Peace Index in 2022, i.e. for this year. Georgia ranks 2nd globally by the peaceful progress achieved in the last decade, while 1st globally by full historic improvements. This is a significant recognition as well. The study covered 163 countries and our country was ranked 2nd. It is a true recognition of the correct, prudent and national policies pursued by our government for all these ten years in the best interests of our people. For comparison, let me recall herewith that our country sadly ranked in the Bottom 20 in these ratings in 2012, i.e. 140th among 163 countries of the world. We have achieved such huge progress with great merits to the right policies pursued by Bidzina Ivanishvili and our team, shaped by him in the form of a Georgian Dream" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, it is also important that Georgia ranks 1st globally by Open Budget Index.

"I wish to once again remind everyone that data has been updated and Open Budget Index now ranks Georgia 1st in the entire world, while the Associated Trio are only now starting work inter alia on public funds management (PFM). We have advanced to the first place in the world. That was by the transparency of the State Budget of Georgia. It is an outcome of performance demonstrated by our government.

Also, I wish to tell you that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its preliminary assessment and projections some time ago. There as well, Georgia ranks 3rd among 190 nations of the world by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per-capita denominated in USD and growth rate, while being ranked 1st on the continent of Eurasia.

I wish to say herewith that GDP per capita will double in the next 6 years and exceed 9 000 USD by 2027 by their assessment.

It is all resulting from the hard work performed by our government, our entire team and the ruling party" noted Irakli Garibashvili.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, the country maintains a double-digit economic growth indicator against the background, when processes are flowing towards economic recession throughout Europe and the entire world.

"I was visiting Austria recently and once again discussed the current situation in Europe with my colleague, along with the current trend in the world, discussing the flow of events in the world. A very difficult situation has been created in Europe with a war in Ukraine. Inflation, high prices, problems in stock supplies and logistics, provision of food in under-developed and poor countries are triggering serious problems. Experts and world leaders are talking about the world approaching a risk of hunger, especially in poor countries. Against this background, when processes are flowing towards economic recession in Europe and the entire world, we maintain a double-digit economic growth indicator, peace, stability and everything I just listed is great merits to our team. Of course, it needs to be maintained. We should stay satisfied, but continue with a double or quadrupled speed, energy and responsibility in the best interests of our people. It should be our main goal and driver!" stated the Prime Minister of Georgia.