02.Aug .2021 16:00

"Medical Tourism To Bring The Greatest Income To The State And Each Of Us"

"Medical Tourism To Bring The Greatest Income To The State And Each Of Us"
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Salome Kvavilashvili, head of "Tbilisi Balneological Resort" talks about the potential of medical tourism in Georgia and notes that the country has the prospect to receive the highest income from this field.

According to her, before the pandemic, 50% of the customers were foreign tourists.

However, she declares, that it is necessary for the state to invest appropriate resources in medical tourism.

"Before the pandemic, medical tourism was very loaded, 50% of our customers were foreign tourists, before COVID we had the main activity with Germany and France. Now, we have more customers from Russia, Ukraine and Italy. However, we try to go to the international market with our own efforts. We have created a platform, with the help of which online consulting can be booked from any part of the world, we assign different procedures to all those who wish and provide them with all the documents that are needed to cross the border. Along with our efforts, the support of the state is also very important, because around the world, where medical tourism is developed, they put a lot of resources. Medical tourism will bring the greatest income to the state and each of us”, she notes.

Salome Kvavilashvili compares development and potential of medical tourism in Georgia with other countries and adds that Georgian resorts surpass the leading resorts such as Germany and Budapest.