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"Mineral Fertilizers - 2022" - The International Conference Held in Batumi

"Mineral Fertilizers - 2022" - The International Conference Held in Batumi
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On September 15-16, the international conference "Mineral Fertilizers - 2022 - CIS, Caspian and Black Sea Markets", organized by the British company Argus Media and supported by Wondernet Express Investment Group, was held in Batumi.

The conference was attended by the leading producers, trade and logistics companies of the mentioned markets of mineral fertilizers, as well as of the rest of the world. 

The following issues were discussed during the conference:

1. Trends in the international market of fertilizers;

2. Urea market in the Caspian, Black and Mediterranean regions;

3. New logistics infrastructure in Baltic and Black Sea ports and changes in fertilizer trade flows;

4. Land transportation logistics in the region: development of transport-railway corridors and competition of road transport;

5. Container and multimodal shipments of fertilizers - new opportunities for suppliers.

On the second day of the conference, the participants had the opportunity to visit Wondernet Express Investment Group's mineral fertilizers terminal and learn about the working process.

Mamuka Murjikneli, Director General of Wondernet Express Investment Group, spoke at the conference from the Georgian side, who told the gathered audience about the logistics potential of Georgia and the newly opened multimodal terminal in Batumi. In 2019, the Wondernet Express and Trammo investment groups signed an agreement on the creation of a multimodal terminal transporting mineral fertilizers - a joint venture in Batumi sea port. The construction of a multimodal terminal transporting mineral fertilizers in the territory of Batumi port was completed in 2021.

The terminal, which connects cargo from Central Asian countries with the Western market via Georgia, was implemented with an investment of $25 million in partnership with Trammo and Wondernet Express Investment Group. The said terminal is fully automated and includes modern wagon weigher, conveyor belt systems, ship loader, latest filtration technologies and modern fire protection systems. About 150 people are employed at the facility, most of whom are local residents.

"Mineral Fertilizers-2022 - CIS, Caspian and Black Sea Markets" is an important international event in the region, which brings together a wide circle of major producers, as well as trade and transport companies, logistics companies, infrastructure owners, exporters and financial organizations.