22.Mar .2023 12:00

"Phubber" To Create A Separate Authentication Hub In Georgia

"Phubber" To Create A Separate Authentication Hub In Georgia
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Anano Dolaberidze, co-founder of Georgian clothing and accessories sales platform "Phubber" says, the company is planning to create an authentication hub in Georgia, which will serve any customer on the international market as well. According to her, the new authentication hub will be launched from autumn.

In addition, co-founder of "Phubber" notes, that the platform will open a showroom in Baku, while the company will enter Armenian market as an online platform. The company also considers entering Bulgarian and Romanian markets.

Anano Dolaberidze explains that the biggest challenge for the company was the Russia-Ukraine War.

"We worked for 7-8 months to enter Ukrainian market, we had a local team and we had contact with Ukrainian people, this period was very stressful for us. Phubber is still in Ukraine, but we see that there is no readiness to buy anything", - Dolaberidze declares.

Phubber was launched in 2019 and is the largest online clothing and accessories store in Georgia, with over 200,000 registered users from Georgia alone. Today, more than 800 designers and brands are represented on the platform.