13.May .2022 13:00

Services Of Soplidan.Ge To Be Available In Kutaisi From September

Services Of Soplidan.Ge To Be Available In Kutaisi From September
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Agro-food product sales website Soplidan.ge is operating in the market for 7 years, which supplies natural rural products to the residents of Tbilisi, while from September of this year, it will be available throughout Kutaisi.

Natia Ninikelashvili, the founder of Soplidan.ge, explained to Bm.ge that about 400 farmers supply them with various types of natural products, which brings Soplidan.ge to the citizens.

"We won a GEL 100,000 grant from GITA. This is a business development project in the pilot regions that aims to create additional wealth in the region. The concept of Soplidan.ge is a bridge between the village and the city, which on the one hand allows the farmer to sell his product easily and on the other hand, the consumer can buy this natural product. About 400 farmers from all regions of Georgia are our suppliers. We bring the product that is the best, for example cheese from Imereti, oil from Kakheti. In short, more than 400 products are presented on our platform and we have 10,000 users.

From September, the population of Kutaisi will be added to the population of Tbilisi. The project has already been launched and sales in Kutaisi will start in September. We will also have a warehouse in Kutaisi, where the product will be collected and distributed to the population of Kutaisi," she said.

As for overseas services, Natia Ninikelashvili said that the product is available in 11 countries and the United States has been added to the list of these countries this year.

"We are cooperating with the Georgia Post, so it is possible to supply 10 European countries, including: Italy, Greece, France. This year we have added America. They write us and we are sending our products”, - she said.