09.Oct .2020 17:50

“Oil price 20-30% up in Georgia”

“Oil price 20-30% up in Georgia”
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“Oil price 20-30% up in Georgia”, Guram Brodzeli, head of importer company Baraqa told BM.GE.

The price increase of the imported product is related to several factors. The first is price rise on the international exchange markets, the second is devaluation of the national currency in Georgia and the third - burning of sunflower plantations in Ukraine, which is one of the largest producers of oil.

"The price has increased by 20-30%, but it is still the average price so far. A little more growth is expected if the exchange rate changes," Brodzeli said. To note the World Food Organization (FAO) writes about the rising prices of oil and oilseeds in the world.