30.Nov .2020 11:15

"STOPCOVID app is completely useless" - WHO expert

"STOPCOVID app is completely useless" - WHO expert
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"STOPCOVID application is completely useless," said Nino Mirzikashvili, an associate professor at Ilia State University and an expert at the World Health Organization. As she says, the app created by the government in spring to identify people infected with the coronavirus, has not worked.

According to her, the use of modern technologies should be done more actively and purposefully in order to achieve real results. In particular, Mirizkashvili explains that an electronic common system should be created, where ambulances, hospitals and 112 can be easily connected to each other, which clinic has free space and which does not.

"The state offered STOPCOVID app in the spring and I, as a citizen, downloaded it immediately. The app was supposed to serve to identify contacts and detect people carrying the virus, however I could not use this app.

Eventually the app did not give us the result it was created for. Since this application is introduced, it is completely useless and it is important to think how to use modern technologies and management the process easier," said Nino Mirzikashvili.