20.Mar .2023 17:00

"Usharo" Increased Product Price By 20%

"Usharo" Increased Product Price By 20%
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Giorgi Sekhniadze, the founder of Tea producing company "Usharo" said, that the company had to increase the product price by 20%, because the labor force, as well as packaging materials and transportation, became more expensive.

Giorgi Sekhniadze also spoke about the challenges and noted that sales decreased compared to previous years.

"We have always participated in exhibitions, but in recent years state festivals are no longer held, which has negatively affected our sales," he said.

As for the future plans, the company plans to add vodka: "We plan to add vodka flavored with various herbs and jams, we have already made a trial batch and it is in the process of testing."

Tusheti's small family production "Usharo" appeared in 2016 and offers customers five types of tea, three types of jam and spices. The price of branded tea amounts to GEL 12. It should be noted that "Usharo" also owns an agro-cafe in Tusheti, where guests are served tea, jams, and various spices.