03.Feb .2020 18:15

"We have very ambitious, big plans,” - Giorgi Chogovadze about the Medical Holding


"We have very ambitious, big plans," Giorgi Chogovadze, the newly-appointed director of Medical Holding, said at the Ministry of Health.

According to him, the holding has two main goals: to increase the efficiency of management to make hospitals more manageable and at the same time to improve the quality, infrastructure and list of services that citizens have an access.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to be appointed as the head of Medical Holding. These are not empty words and we all realize that there are many challenges in this area. Holding will have many tasks. We will use all my experience and knowledge to perform sound and effective management of the holding on the one hand, while on the other - improve the quality of service as well as medical services. As regional hospitals are added to the holding, regional access to hospitals should be increased. We have very ambitious, big plans and we will present a detailed action plan that will be interesting to the public”, Chogovadze said.