30.Sep .2020 18:24

ADB approved a loan to improve water supply and sanitation services in Georgia

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved $150 million in loans to improve water supply and sanitation services in Georgia.

Furthermore, under the Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Development Program, ADB will provide a $130 million policy-based loan and a $20 million project loan.

„Water supply in Georgia ranges from four hours to 24 hours per day, posing a significant health risk during the coronavirus disease pandemic. About 92 per cent of urban and 64per cent of rural residents receive piped water, while 84 per cent of urban and 20 per cent of rural residents have access to sewerage systems. Only 36 per cent of the total population benefit from wastewater treatment", says the ADB.

ADB’s policy-based loan will support the government’s efforts to develop a cohesive water supply and sanitation policy that balances development in urban and rural areas, while the project-based loan will fund operation and maintenance capacity and equipment of the United Water Supply Company of Georgia. It will help to prepare for national-scale rural water supply and sanitation development.

ADB will also administer a $250,000 technical assistance, which will introduce an asset management system with high-level technology for water supply in selected cities. Of this amount, $225,000 will be financed on a grant basis by ADB’s High-Level Technology Fund, while the government will provide the remaining $25,000.