24.Nov .2022 14:00

Georgia Is Not In The Focus Of Austrian Investors - Karlheinz Kopf

Georgia Is Not In The Focus Of Austrian Investors - Karlheinz Kopf
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Karlheinz Kopf, Secretary General of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Member of the Austrian Parliament declares that Georgia is not in the focus of Austria as an interesting country in terms of investments.

According to the Austrian politician, it is important for the Georgian government to provide investors with information about the country.

"Georgia is not in the focus of Austrian and other investors, so it is important to pay more attention to this country. Georgia is not a big country, so Austria, as well as other countries, do not know much about Georgia. First of all, we must improve it. This is why we bring companies to Georgia and vice versa - from Georgia to Austria. The government of Georgia supports companies and investors and offers them an attractive tax policy, but little is known. Thus, investors should be informed first. Now they are talking about investments made in recent years in Austria and Georgia. As you know, sharing success stories is the best way to attract investors to the country", says Karlheinz Kopf.

On November 21, the Georgia-Austria business forum was held in Tbilisi, organized by the commercial office of the Austrian Embassy in Tbilisi, which was attended by representatives of seven Austrian companies.