22.Jun .2021 14:30

What Caused Shortfall Of AstraZeneca Vaccine – NCDC

What Caused Shortfall Of AstraZeneca Vaccine – NCDC
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Head of the National Center for Disease Control Amiran Gamkrelidze declares that the shortfall of AstraZeneca vaccine is linked with logistical problems and the head of the NCDC feels his responsibility in this regard.

Amiran Gamkrelidze also notes that an investigation is launched linked to the "disappearance" of COVID-vaccine doses.

“5,000 citizens were registered before June 30, including 1250 were registered for their first dose. The shortage was mainly in the Republican Hospital, the Central Infectious Diseases Hospital and the Khechinashvili Clinic, as most of the vaccines are provided by these clinics. The issue is still being investigated. There have been some logistical shortcomings, this responsibility is shared by the NCDC, but it is not that it can harm human health”, Amiran Gamkrelidze said.

According to the head of NCDC, in order to meet the growing demand for vaccines, Georgia will gradually receive 3 million doses of vaccine from companies, as well as COVAX platform from July.

“However, due to the temporary delay in the supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine purchased through the COVAX platform, citizens registered for the first and second doses of the vaccine will not be vaccinated on the date specified by them. In addition, citizens who booked appoints for the second dose after 10-12 weeks of their first dose will be able to take the jabs without delay. But, those citizens who have booked their revaccination before 10 weeks after the first jab, will not be able to get their second dose”, said Amiran Gamkrelidze.