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TV & Radio Advertising Revenues in Georgia 17.5% Down

TV & Radio Advertising Revenues in Georgia 17.5% Down
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Revenues from television and radio commercial advertising in the second quarter of 2022 has amounted to GEL 19 million. The figure is GEL 4.1 million or 17.5% less as compared to the same period of the prior-year, reads an updated data of the Communications Commission (ComCom).

New regulations on gambling broadcast advertising which came into force on March 1, 2022 has resulted the reduction of revenues of advertising, ComCom explains adding that prior to implementation of the mentioned regulation gambling industry was the major financier of broadcasting. Pursuant to the regulator, in the second quarter of 2021, television and radio stations received more than GEL 4.6 million GEL in advertising revenue from gambling companies.

67.4% of total television and radio advertising revenues was shared by direct advertising, the share of sponsorship was 21.7% which is 9.7% more as compared to the previous year.

Advertising revenues of TVs in the second quarter amounted to GEL 17.5 million, out of which 66.1% was shared by direct advertising, 22.1% was sponsorship which is 10.2% more as of the data of the prior year.

Imedi TV remained the main beneficiary of advertising revenues of televisions. The company received GEL 6 million in the report period which is 0.9 million lari less as compared to Q2 2021.

Advertising revenue of Mtavari Arkhi decreased by 0.6 million GEL and was 2.6 million GEL.

Advertising income of Media Holding (former Rustavi 2) amounted to 2.1 million GEL, which is 0.4 million GEL less compared to the same period of the previous year.

No changes were recorded at advertising revenue of TV company Formula. Similar to previous year the company received GEL 1.8 million.

GEL 0.3 million less was received by TV Pirveli, advertising income amounted to GEL 1.4 million.

The income of Postv was 1 million GEL, which is 0.2 million GEL less compared to the previous year.

Public Broadcaster received 0.1 million GEL less, advertising income reached 0.8 million GEL.

GDS revenue amounted to GEL 0.4 million or GEL 0.2 million less.

Revenue of Silknet drop by GEL 0.7 million, commercial advertising profit reached GEL 0.2 million.

Compared to the previous year, the income of Obieqtivi did not change and remained 0.1 million GEL.

Other broadcasters received a total of 1.1 million GEL advertising revenue.

As for radio broadcasters, their advertising revenues decreased by 0.2 million GEL in the second quarter of 2022 and amounted to 1.6 million GEL, of which 82.9% was direct advertising. The share of sponsorship was 16.9%, which is 4% more than the same period of the previous year.

Out of the advertising revenues received from radio broadcasters, Radio Holding Fortuna had the most 885 thousand GEL.

Radio Imedi received 156 thousand GEL.

Radio Palitra - 91.3 thousand GEL.

Like the previous year, Georgian Radio received 77.5 thousand GEL advertising revenue.

MD Group - 67.0 thousand GEL.

Media Holding Abkhazetis Khma - 47.9 thousand GEL.

Chveni Radio - 47.3 thousand GEL.

Broadcasting company Hereti - 30.5 thousand GEL.

Radio Georgian Times - 25.7 thousand GEL.

Mediastream - 22.2 thousand GEL.

Other radio broadcasters had a total of 145.6 thousand GEL advertising revenues.

Commercial advertising revenue incorporates commercial advertisings, sponsorship, product placement, teleshopping and advertisements.