13.Feb .2020 18:46

Rating of MFOs by Net Profit

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According to the National Bank of Georgia, there are a total of 46 microfinance organizations operating in Georgia. The total value of their assets, according to the consolidated report, is 1.4 billion GEL.

The key players of the microfinance market have already published their financial reports. According to the documents, both in terms of assets and net profit, Rico Express is ranked as the first. The MFOs assets amounts to 390 million GEL, while the profit – 38.9 million GEL.

The Microfinance organization "4 Finance" (commercial name Vivus) has the biggest loss. Vivus's loss totaled 6.1 million GEL last year. The main reason for the loss is changing the game conditions on the credit market, as a result of which the volume of “online loan" has been significantly reduced on the market.

TOP 10 of MFOs by Net Profit

1 Rico Express - 38,873,436 GEL;
2 Crystal - GEL 5,924,774;
3 Swiss Capital - GEL 3,601,011;
4 Micro Business Capital- GEL 2,870,355;
5 MFO Intel Express - GEL 2,717,722;
6 Credit Service + - 2,275,579 GEL;
7 Bermel - 2,017,888 GEL;
8 Smart Finance - GEL 2,015,977;
9 Bini Credit- GEL 1,523,682;
10 Invest Georgia - GEL 904,092