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TOP-10 In The Economy Last Week

TOP-10 In The Economy Last Week
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TOp -10 in the economy last week (November 22-27):

1. How will Georgia's COVID Green Pass work for December 1, 2021;
2. The government plans to regulate the gambling sector;
3. How the government plans to employ the socially vulnerable?
4. What are the changes in the adjusted state budget for 2021?
5. Geostat report on state-owned companies;
6. What decision will the government make regarding the Business House and the Partnership Fund?
7. Profit of commercial banks of Georgia and volume of assets according to October data;
8. Compulsory testing costs for employees will be funded by the Government until January 1, 2022;
9. How the electricity of Enguri HPP will be distributed between Abkhazia and the rest of Georgia;
10. Petroleum Importers Union Survey - Fuel Prices in the Region.