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Reducing Medicine Prices With The Focus On The Turkish Market - What Else Is On The Gov't Agenda In 2022?

Reducing Medicine Prices With The Focus On The Turkish Market - What Else Is On The Gov't Agenda In 2022?
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The Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili thanked the Cabinet of Ministers for its leadership in such an important time and called on them not to relax. Irakli Gharibashvili spoke about the plans for 2022 at the first government meeting.

"I want to thank all the ministers for your successful work. We need to do even more now. We should not relax. On the contrary, a lot has happened in the country last year. There were elections and a very tense situation, however, we still had a very successful economic year and congratulations to everyone on this success”, - Irakli Garibashvili said.

As the PM noted, Georgian government was fully prepared to have an even more successful year and they were ready to work even harder, especially for those who need help.

"We must improve access to public services as much as possible, we must improve public services to facilitate business operations and activities. Our goal is to remove unnecessary barriers in the country, we must provide maximum support to the population - this is our plan," Gharibashvili said.

According to the Prime Minister, the government would start implementing a social employment project from January, noting that works on the project were already started on the example of several European countries, which would create tens of thousands of jobs in the country.

"One of our main projects is creation of jobs and reduce poverty. The group led by Vice Prime Minister Levan Davitashvili has visited several European countries. They have developed practical examples of these countries and we will start this project in January. Gov’t will create tens of thousands of new jobs," he said.

In addition, the PM also focused on medicine prices and noted, that the government would take a decision on regulating the prices of medicines in the current week.

“Our another promise is to regulate medicine prices; We will make the decision on this topic this week. According to our forecast, it will significantly reduce the medicines prices. The Competition Agency has already completed analysis of the pharmaceutical market. The new Health Minister has already met with the head of the agency and together they planned further measures.

We are also going to open Turkish market to import high quality medicines. We predict, that it will reduce the prices of medicines. In addition, we are working on legislation that will further improve the situation in this area, "- said Irakli Gharibashvili.

In 2021, the Government Administration discussed the Competition Agency's report on the pharmaceutical market and their recommendations. The parties considered possible steps to be taken to regulate the situation and growing medication prices on the pharmaceutical market.