08.Oct .2020 20:32

Reform in Georgian Securities Market

Reform in Georgian Securities Market
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A system of primary dealers is being introduced for the development of the securities market - the information is spread by the Ministry of Finance.

According to them, one of the strategic directions of government debt management is the development of the treasury securities market.

"In recent years, the volume of the securities market is gradually increasing. The debt portfolio has become more liquid. From 2018, the so-called Issuance of benchmark bonds and gradual increase in volumes.

In order to meet the market demands and move to a new stage of development, it is important that intermediaries (dealers) appear between the Ministry of Finance of Georgia and investors in the securities market in order to expand the investor base and activate the secondary market.

In turn, the developed government securities market will contribute to the development of the capital market in the country and the diversification of the investor base.

For the purposes of market development, the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, together with the National Bank of Georgia, with the technical assistance of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, is launching a pilot program for primary dealers," - is said in a press release from the ministry of Finance.