16.Apr .2021 16:30

Registration for Sinopharm vaccine will start on April 27, and vaccination - in early May

Registration for Sinopharm vaccine will start on April 27, and vaccination - in early May

The Chinese vaccine against coronavirus "Sinopharm" in Georgia is expected to start in May. The statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia after the meeting of the Immunization Council.
In addition, according to Tamar Gabunia, on the recommendation of the Council, the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Disease Control and experts will complete work on the protocol and detailed recommendations on the introduction of Sinopharm vaccination in the next week, and the registration process for Sinopharm vaccine will be opened by April 27.

"In early May, after the end of the Easter holidays, the country will start administering the vaccine to selected facilities. Given the epidemiological risks, experts strongly support the need to start using Sinopharm in the country in a timely manner," Gabunia said.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister explains why the registration for vaccination with "Sinopharm" starts when this vaccine has not been authorized yet. According to Gabunia, the authorization is planned for the end of April, and the vaccination will be administered in the beginning of May. According to Gabunia, the administration of the vaccine in the country will start from the beginning of May.
"WHO will consider vaccination with Sinopharm by the end of the month. Of course, it is good if this authorization is completed in time, but as of today, the Sinopharm vaccine is recognized in 35 countries and more than 200 million doses have been made. Vaccination is carried out quite effectively, with minimal side effects.
The fact that today we only have the choice of AstraZeneca among citizens over the age of 55 clearly highlights the need to start the process and not waste time," Tamar Gabunia said, adding that the process of preparing for vaccination is underway.