15.Jul .2020 15:06

Remittances to Georgia increased by 17.8% in June


The volume of remittances in the country has amounted to 169.2 million USD (514.8 million GEL) in June 2020, the figure is 17.8% (25.6 million USD) more comparing to the same period of June 2019. The information is published by the National Bank of Georgia.

However, the largest volume of remittances where made from Russia (32,57 million USD), Italy (26,79 million USD) and the USA (20,04 million USD).

It worth to note, that 21.9 million USD (66.6 million GEL) has been transferred from Georgia to abroad in June 2020, which is 25.4% more comparing to June 2019 (17.5 mln USD).