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Which businesses will be subsidized due to the increased electricity tariff – Gov’t decision

Which businesses will be subsidized due to the increased electricity tariff – Gov’t decision
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The increased electricity tariff is enacted in Georgia from January 1, 2021. According to the government decree, the state subsidy will amount to 50% for some business operators.

As of the list published in the Legislative Herald, state subsidies will be given to the following business operators.

• Poultry;
• Meat processing and canning;
• Poultry meat Processing and canning;
• Production of meat products;
• Fish processing and canning;
• Potato processing and canning;
• Other types of fruit and vegetable processing and canning;
• Production of oils and fats;
• Production of margarine and similar edible fats;
• Milk processing and production of dairy products;
• Production of flour-grain products;
• Production of starches and starch products;
• Bread production;
• Confectionery, cakes production;
• Production of biscuits and dry cakes;
• Production of pasta, atria, couscous and similar goods;
• Sugar production;
• Production of spices and condiments;
• Production of homogenized food preparations and dietary food products;
• Production of ready-made feed for farm animals;
• Production of ready-made food for pets.

According to the government decree, a special list should be created and in order to enter the list, business operators must register on the website https // www.registration.gov.ge from January 13 to January 27. Applications will be reviewed by both the National Statistics Office and the Revenue Service.

In Georgia, electricity tariff for the commercial sector has increased by an average of 11-13 tetri per kilowatt hour, therefore businesses will receive subsidy of 6.5-6.5 tetri per kilowatt hour.

From January 1, 2021, the new tariffs from "Energo Pro" are as follows:

110-35 kWh. - new tariff - 28,267 tetri, increase of 13,407 tetri, which is 90.2%;
10-6-3.3 kWh. - new tariff - 30,879 tetri, increase of 14,628 tetri, which is 90%;
380-220 kWh - new tariff - 31.96 tetri, increase of 10.877 tetri, which is 51.6%.

110-35 kWh. - new tariff - 27.37 tetri, increase of 11.26 tetri, which is 69.9%;
10-6-3.3 kWh. - new tariff - 29,646 tetri, increase of 12,764 tetri, which is 75.6%;
380-220 kWh. - new tariff - 32.831 tetri, increase of 11.612 tetri, which is 54.7%.