09.Jul .2021 14:00

Retail Sector Puts Producers On The Verge Of Bankruptcy - Sandro Ratishvili

Retail Sector Puts Producers On The Verge Of Bankruptcy - Sandro Ratishvili
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A forum, organized by the Georgian Distributors Business Association, was attended by representatives of the private sector, as well as the executive and the legislature. The parties discussed the problems faced by local manufacturers and distribution companies in the process of dealing with retailers.

A precedent case in this regard is the lawsuit filed by 10 Georgian companies against Carrefour. They accuse the international brand of illegally cutting money and violating the terms of the contract. Business is actively demanding the regulation of the partnership between the parties at the legislative level.

"We are not in favor of over-regulation of businesses, on the contrary, but we have reached the point in this area that there is no other way. Leaving this field unregulated for many years has not brought positive results. The retail sector puts producers on the verge of bankruptcy, which is totally unacceptable.

What is happening in the retail sector should be regulated and brought within the framework of legislative regulation so that both parties must know their operating framework. One thing is clear, neither side can exist without each other. But the fact that parity has been so unequivocally violated by the dominant party cannot continue like this, and it must be resolved on the basis of negotiations," declares Sandro Ratishvili, President of the Taxpayers' Union.